© Massimo Argenziano 180338Born in 1974, Stefano Brecciaroli starts his profession as a show jumping rider with the Società Ippica Romana (Roman Equestrian Society) under the guidance and training of the Olympic champion Piero D’Inzeo.
He enlisted, thanks to his mentor and trainer Andrea Capuzzo, in the Carabinieri Corps (the Italian Military Police) in the Cavalry Regiment where he still serves as a high rank member of Gruppo Sportivo Carabinieri (the Cavalry Sports Group). Following Capuzzo’s indications, he gets heavily involved in Eventing, which becomes his passion as this discipline allows him to train his horses in the countryside, his other passion.

The thrills that distinguish cross country riding make it obviously the favorite of the three phases, but a lot of work and dedication goes into dressage and show jumping as well. After having missed to be part of the Italian Olympic Team at the Atlanta (USA) and Sidney (Australia) Olympics, both times due to his horse’s physical failures, he participated at the Athens (Greece) Olympics in 2004.

He is again with the Italian Equestrian Olympic Team at the 2008 Beijing (China), London 2012 (UK) and Rio de Janeiro (BRA) in 2016.
As a multiple Italian champion  with 5 national titles, he was with the Italian Team that won the Silver medal at the European Championship at Fontainebleau in France.